The Pearl Project
For the past 17 years, teams have been traveling to China, bridging the cultural gap, and bringing hearts together. Team members are trained to help teach a conversational English and cultural exchange camp to Chinese high school students that need help in developing their spoken English skills and who are hungry for friendship. Over the course of this 30 day international experience, team members are coached to raise funds for the trip, prepared for the cross-cultural excursion, equipped to share their lives, and challenged to live a life marked by humilty, grace, and unconditional love.

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Transcend has several connections with African leaders and communities that are in need of various educational programs. Individuals and groups are needed to help train leaders in how to equip and build a successful outreach organization. Other teams may choose to bring programs that focus on urgent needs in the areas of counseling, crisis management, and basic healthcare. Still other groups may choose to raise awareness about AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases and how to best deal with such problems.

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Since the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, countries like Ukraine have struggled under opportunistic and corrupt government officials. Educational opportunties that Americans and Western Europeans take for granted are in short supply. Community leaders are in dire need of of training in how to organize effectively so as to reach a generation that has grown up without hope. Education officials are in need of teacher training especially in the elementary grades.

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Oceania & Beyond

Your Passion, Your Calling, Your Destination
TranscendInt team members and staff have been around the world and even down under (Auckland, New Zealand), and have been blessed to meet, network with, and befriend numerous leaders who are making a difference, crossing barriers, and changing lives. Wherever you feel called, and however long you would like to serve, Transcend International can help make getting there a reality. We can provide the training, the curriculum, the administration, and take care of all of the arrangements so you can focus on your vision and your passion. Allow us the privilege to help you or your group make your calling a reachable reality and change lives around the world.

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North America

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South America

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