It is easy to apply online!

  1. Filling out the Online Application
  2. Filling out the [download id=”2″] (required if you will be under 18 on June 1st of this year, but recommended for all participants) and mailing it in to address below
  3. References being contacted and responding to questionnaire
  4. Upon being accepted for the Project, a nonrefundable $250 deposit (check made payable to Transcend International) will be due to secure your place on the team and authorize Transcend  to make trip preparations on your behalf.

Applications will not be reviewed until all materials have been received. However, the earlier you submit your application the sooner you will secure your place on the team and be able to begin raising funds.

There are three references for each applicant. We will e-mail reference once your application is submitted.
1) Pastor, Youth Leader or Mentor
2) Teacher, Coach, Club Sponsor, or Employer
3) Family Member

Guardian consent forms are mailed to the following address:

Transcend International
PO Box 678
Richmond,VA 23218

* While we recommend applying online, if for some reason you are unable, below are links to printer-friendly copies of all the forms:

  • [download id=”3″]
  • [download id=”1″]
  • [download id=”2″]
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