we build bridges to connect a world of three haves

What is a World of Three Haves?

Here at Transcend International, we believe the world is broken up into three different groups of people: Givers, Goers, and Gainers. Each of these groups, has something, so each group is what we call a have. As we seek to equip others, meet needs, and connect servants with those who need to be served, it is important to understand each of these haves.


Givers have resources 
Givers have a heart to invest [break][break]The vision starts with Givers. They are the first section of the bridge. Offering knowledge, skills, and finances, givers lay a foundation for outreach. Givers can be businesses, NPOs (non-profit organizations), churches, foundations, partner ministries, federal/state agencies, or financial investors.[break][break]Click here to become a giver


Goers have time
Goers have a heart to get involved [break][break] Goers do just what their name presumes, they go. Having the heart and desire to reach out and meet needs face to face, goers travel around the world, across the street, and downtown to be the hands that help. Goers can be students, teachers, community leaders, business owners, or anyone with a desire to get their hands dirty.[break][break]Click here to go


Gainers have needs
Gainers have a heart to grow [break][break]This group can gain/benefit from the outreach of others. Gainers are the primary recipient of the resources and the time of the other two groups, although they are by no means the only group experiencing growth. Gainers can be those lacking access to knowledge or training, lacking basic needs, the unemployed, or sometimes forgotten groups such as the homeless or prison inmates. The vision is complete when gainers have become givers and goers.[break][break]Click here if you have a need
we build bridges to connect a world of three haves